Legendary: Giratina ~The Savior/Legend Team 1 [LEADER]

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Legendary: Giratina ~The Savior/Legend Team 1 [LEADER] Empty Legendary: Giratina ~The Savior/Legend Team 1 [LEADER]

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Legendary: Giratina ~The Savior/Legend Team 1 [LEADER] Bzxs3

Origin Forme


The Protector of All

487, The Renegade Pokemon
Genderless but prefers he
Level unknown
1,653.5 lbs

This Pokémon is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours, where common knowledge is distorted and strange.
Altered Forme and Origin Forme abilities
Lonely by nature with a stubborn characteristic

- Aura Sphere
- Shadow Force
- Shadow Sneak
- Earth Power

Long ago, a monster was imprisoned within a world quite opposite from ours. His Father locked him there to punish him and for many, many years he resided there, watching from puddles and lakes to see the beautiful world on the other side. Soon the great dragon became restless and drew himself out, if only for short periods of time, to see and taste the other world. This was when he began to notice things going wrong. Humans began to disappear and in their stead were strange dark Pokemon, husks of themselves that soon began to attack and kill others, leaving their bodies to either rot or join the ranks of vermin that called themselves, the Swarm. Soon he began to notice others, not quite changed, that were growing black splotches across their skin. When they finally changed completely they became like the others but curiously, Giratina noticed a sad emotion withing their eyes. Using his keen mind he deduced that they were in a sort of possessive trance. Wondering why his father had allowed such a thing, he used up some of his energy to ascend to Arceus's domain and check on his dear Father.

What he found was a shell of his Father's former greatness. The great alpha was broken and weak, his power missing from him after the energy it took to take out his rage on the humans and their companions. It made the great dragon completely disgusted and he snarled at his father who just watched with those weak and stupid eyes. Eyes full of pain and rage, those horrible hate filled eyes. His Shadow Force began to build around him and he attacked his father until he was too weak to resist. Taking him back into his world, he used the very last of his strength to bind him there and escape back into the real world, looking for others of his kind to help. His darkened heart began to lighten as he looked down at all of the chaos his father had created. It saddened him and he knew he had to do something about it. This in itself brought him from his wicked ways and sent him on a path to create a sanctuary for those who deserved and needed it, a Pokemon Sanctuary.

”In the Altered form, Giratina has a large, gray, centipede-like body with six short, thick legs. Its legs have gold claws and gold bands on them. It has a tail and a thick black stripe running vertically along the front of its body. There is a series of red horizontal stripes running across the large black one. Three gold half-rings circle the back half of Giratina's neck at the same points that three of the red stripes are at on its front, resembling a ribcage. On its back are two large, black wings that are decorated with red, conical objects that also could be claws. The wings seem oddly out of place, due to the fact that Giratina seems far too heavy to fly effectively. The wings also seem to be ghostly, as they can change shape as if they were made of a liquid or gas. The Origin Forme of Giratina has six black, ghostly streamers on its back that each have a bright red spike at the end. Its mouth is hidden by the head plates, which swing open sideways when the mouth is opening. Giratina's legs have been reduced to spike-like protrusions. There are four more golden spikes near the edge of the tail. The three gold half-rings in this form can be used to grip objects.”

Giratina has become like a protector of the Pokemon around him. Once selfish and greedy, he has changed most of his ways but the rest of his personality will be revealed at a later time.

Permission was given for me to use these pictures by Xous54 on Deviantart.

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