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Legendary: Zekrom [Legend Team 1] Empty Legendary: Zekrom [Legend Team 1]

Post by Zekrom on 1/23/2013, 7:19 pm

Legendary: Zekrom [Legend Team 1] 453px-644Zekrom-Activated


The Seeker of Truth

#644, The Deep Black Pokemon
Genderless, but identifies as male.
Level unknown
760.06 lbs.

This legendary Pokemon can scorch the world with lightning. It assists those who want to build an ideal world.
Teravolt - Negates the effects of abilities that weaken or negate moves or the side-effects of moves.
Rash in nature, characteristically determined and short-tempered.

-Dragon Claw
-Zen Headbutt
-Fusion Bolt

This light...What...? What is this...? What is going on...? The legendary dragon could only ponder what the light was that pierced his prison and ended his century long slumber. Something had caused an awakening of his power. The seal broke on his orb, and the Deep Black Pokemon, Zekrom, was free. Yet, when he looked around the immediate area, there was no human to be found. No one for whom which to ally himself. Why had he been called out of this orb he was held in for so long? In the stead of humans, he found himself surrounded by beasts that were black, scaled, blue eyed...They resembled him in a way. And they were coming for him. Regardless of what was occuring, out of panic from an unfamiliar world and the immediate threat, he loosed his Fusion Bolt in a blind strike. Once the smoke settled, only a scorched crater remained of the building, Zekrom hovering overhead. As his tail slowly shimmered along with his body, storm clouds gathered overhead.

As he began to wander the world, he saw more and more incidents of the horrors he saw at that building. What was going on? This was not natural, there is no way. Was this Arceus's doing? Had the great alpha, the maker of all, abandoned them? From what he gathered, it had seemed so, but the one thing Zekrom wanted to know more than anything else, was why. Why had this been done? The dragon of lightning only wanted to hear the reason from his "father" himself. Until then, until he could find Arceus, he seeked the truth of the situation from wherever he could.

But one thing concerned him...One thing tugged at his focus in the back of his mind; his sibling and rival. Whenever one appeared, the other would emerge not too far behind. So, what of Reshiram? What had become of his brother?

"Zekrom is a bipedal Pokémon of dragon- and dinosaur-like basis. Zekrom is mainly a shade of black and a darker gray, with darker patches on various portions of its body. It has red eyes with white irises and a small horn-like protrusion on the tip of its snout, with its head sporting a plume tipped with light-blue coloration. At the base of its neck is a black, stud-like feature, and atop its shoulders are similar, larger features resembling armor padding. The bases of its wings also have such padding, and a fanned, splayed, seemingly webbed shape with a small "wing-spike" on one edge. The lower length of Zekrom's arms extenuate into splayed, seemingly webbed, somewhat baseball-mitt-like formations, with three-clawed, dark-colored hands on the undersides. The front portion of Zekrom's waist is black-colored, with its belly and thighs having thin striations down their length. Its knees are black, as are the foremost parts of its three-clawed feet and spiked heels. Zekrom's tail consists of large, round, conical and spiked formation, likened to an electricity generator, with a black inner portion and bands on the tip of the outside portion."

Zekrom has always been a rather idealistic being, often following and helping those who wish to help build an ideal world, along with being somewhat stubborn and short-tempered. He his extremely determined in his search now, and is ready to react viciously toward anyone or anything that tries to stop him.

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Legendary: Zekrom [Legend Team 1] Empty Re: Legendary: Zekrom [Legend Team 1]

Post by Giratina on 1/23/2013, 11:24 pm

I welcome you brother. It has been too long. Soon I will inform you of what has become of this world.

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