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Post by Rayquaza on 1/29/2013, 7:48 pm

Legendary: Rayquaza O1aPX3J


Ruler of the Sky

#384 - Sky High Pokémon
Genderless, but identifies as male.
Level Unknown

Rayquaza is said to have lived for hundreds of millions of years in the earth's ozone layer, above the clouds. Its existence had been completely unknown because it lived so high in the sky.
Air Lock: All weather effects are negated while the Pokémon is on the field.
Serious, A little quick tempered

- Ice Beam
- Thunder
- Hyper Beam
- Dragon Pulse

For millions of years a large serpent dragon has circled the globe, protecting it from thing’s on the outside that mean it harm, as well as defending it from destruction from below as well. For years Rayquaza has been nothing more then a myth before being spotted descending from the sky to his place of rest, the Sky Pillar located in Hoenn. This has been the only place he ever descended too, no other place has been graced with his presence. The only other time he would find himself in the view of humans, was when the two great pokemon of land and sea met, and began to rip the world apart with there pointless fights, if not for the sky dragon’s interference, the world would have been torn apart by the seas storms and the lands quakes a long time ago.

Rayquaza has seen more of this world then any other pokemon, beside’s Arceus, the one said to have created all, though only those in the land of Sinnoh seemed to know of him. The great sky dragon did not see this Arceus as his father, or his creator, he was simply the strongest legend in Sinnoh, as he was the strongest in Hoenn. Though when he got word that the great Sinnoh legend has been shot down, Rayquaza couldn’t help but feel surprise. But what he heard next, just enraged the giant dragon of the sky. Arceus has removed all of humanity from the world. Of course they had been destroying this beautiful planet, but even so, even they didn’t deserve to be wiped out completely, only those that abused there power deserved to die. But, what he had left before he had fallen, was something even Rayquaza could not forgive. Some kind of disease that attacks any pokemon, turning them on there own kind, killing those and leaving them to die, or join the ranks of what has become to be known as ‘The Swarm’.

It was now that Rayquaza knew what he had to do, he had to do what he did best and protect this world from harm, from destruction and chaos, but not alone. The sky dragon was positive that he was not the only one though, so he left his home in the ozone, and descended to the world below once again, seeking out the one who shot down Arceus, and to help repair what has been broken in this now sad world.

“Rayquaza is a large, mostly green, serpent-like creature with red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its body, and similarly-patterned fins on the tip of its tail. Yellow ring-like symbols run across the length of Rayquaza's body and it has an additional yellow ring on top of its head. Rayquaza has two limbs with three-clawed carpals, and two long, flat, horn-like structures on its head, with two smaller horns below them. Rayquaza has a prominent gum line, with only two discernible fangs on the tip of its upper snout; the other teeth seem to be covered completely by gum tissue. It has small, yellow eyes with black pupils, which resemble those of both Kyogre and Groudon.”

Rayquaza has always been one that kept to himself, stayed away from others, and didn’t bother to get mixed up in the affairs of those that lived below the clouds. Though even he is one that protects the world below from harm, and he has once against descended from the heavens to aid the world in it’s time of crisis.

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