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Legendary; Virizion Hft6Yd6

Text Color #A6D785, Guacamole
Item None
Gender Referred to as Male.
Age Unknown
Species #640 Virizion, the Grassland Pokemon
Height 6'07" / 2.0 m
Weight 440.9 lbs. / 200 kg
Pokédex Entry Its head sprouts horns as sharp as blades. Using whirlwind-like movements, it confounds and swiftly cuts opponents.
Level Unknown
Ability Justified
Nature Careful
Characteristic Proud of its Power
Moves - Close Combat
- Sacred Sword
- Leaf Blade
- Synthesis [Tutor]
"I used to be the protector of this forest, until it was burnt down."

He sleeps, amongst the towering cedars and flowering bushes he is at home, the forest he so adores was the land he vowed to protect. His eternal slumber was within a small grove, a straight beam of sunlight shining down onto the clearing, hidden by the foliage of the woodland. To Virizion, the evergreens were his brothers, the blossoms his sisters, and the grand Pinwheel Forest his forever shelter. During the few days that he awoke he would patrol the boundaries of his land, chasing away those he deemed dangerous, and always wary of the people that passed through. The legendary had an animosity to humans, having seen too many situations where they would mistreat their companions. However, when he awoke in the cold winter to tend to his territory, he had found himself staring at the horror that he had so dearly wished would never happen.

His forest was burning.

The branches were lit with flame, the thick smoke a noose upon his throat as it trailed him, Virizion desperately sprinting around the Pinwheel Forest in a futile attempt to find survivors. Left and right he could only find charred corpses, bloody and reduced to ashes as they began to return to the Earth. He was devastated, his home engulfed in a tidal wave of chaos as the wildfire stole his family away--leaving nothing left but the barely-standing trees and a ground of ash. Distraught, the grass-type soon came across what he believed was the source of the fire. There were burnt matches and broken lighters, the smell of human fuming from the items. At the realization, the Guardian of the Forest was thrown into a fit of rage, running rampant on the nearby villages and settlements, murdering every living human he had come across, and disgracing the bodies of the dead. This massacre had went on for weeks, before the weary legend finally collapsed from fatigue.

The next he awoke the world had been thrown into chaos, in the skies the form of a Sinnoh Legendary gliding across. Virizion soon learned of the situation through the grapevine, and his growing hatred for humans fueled, decided to give his loyalty to the creator the the Mother.

"And they say... the rest is history."
Appearance Weary and tired, Virizion has dark bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep. Most of his lower body is adorned with black, leather-like scales.
Personality He is soft-spoken, and calm. Contrary to what one might assume a Defiler is like, Virizion is much more gentle and reasoning. He is proud, but doesn't flaunt nor brag. If anything, he is a modest, shy individual. Due to his PTSD, he tends to be jumpy and emotionless, but will not back down from a fight.
When bothered long enough, Virizion is able to 'snap' into a fit of uncontrollable rage, where he will attempt to destroy and kill everything in his path.
User Notes
  • Suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • He is not hostile to the Protectors, unless relentlessly provoked.
  • He still calls the other legends his 'brothers' and 'sisters'.
  • He commands a Legion (or his Garden, as he calls it) of solely plant-based Pokemon.
  • He is especially fond of his Roserades, and refers to them as his little Mandrakes.
  • He strives for Mother's happiness.

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